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Your company's success in focus

From consulting to personnel development.

We reveal the potentials in your company and your employees and help you to use this potential effectively. We start at various points and, together, bring your company on the road to success.

Our services include:


Consulting, project implementation and support

Sales consulting

Make your sales more successful.

Process consulting

Optimize your processes from end to end.

Organisational advice

Modify and improve your operational area.

Project implementation

Launch new products successfully.

Implementation support

Make sure your projects are thoroughly implemented.

Always different, always suitable

No two of our consultations are alike — because our advice is always tailored to you and your needs. We would be happy to come to you for a personal consultation or provide our skills digitally.

Make an appointment with our experts now.


Sales activation for measurable success

We support you with a close-knit and comprehensive offer in sales management to significantly increase your income in customer business. We offer sales management expertise in the following areas:

• Sales activation
• Sales processes
• Digitization
• Sales competence
• New customer advice and acquisition


Customer experiences and customer loyalty through intelligent solutions

Customer experiences and customer loyalty through intelligent solutions

Brands are shaped by customer experience and come to life through their touch-points.

Branding is more than naming a product, designing a logo and developing messages. Brands are created in people’s minds: customers decide what your brand stands for, based on how they experience your service, product or company.

Effective branding is vital because it attracts and retains customers. Brands create trust, the foundation of every relationship, which leads to loyalty, the main reason for repeat purchases and referrals. The good feeling of trust and belonging is why customers will happily pay premiums and forgive mistakes. Loyal customers buy more, try more and pay more; they drive the brand’s profitability.

Brands have to utilise all interactions with customers to deliver real customer satisfaction and create trust. The best way to get there is a radical customer-centric approach based on systematic personalisation — customers expect personalised communication and offers that are tailor-made for their individual needs. This starts with knowing the customer, which is achieved through collecting, analysing, and understanding data.

FELIXX can support you with brand strategy, marketing communication and customer experience design.



Knowledge + behaviour = success

Personnel development is only successful in the long term if specialised know-how and practical actions come together. That is why we offer blended learning concepts with practical support, as well as certifications that stand for sustainable learning success.

People make success

Even the best advice, the most efficient marketing, and the most promising sales measures are ineffective when the decisive factor is missing: people. We’ll help you explore your most important resource and discover new ways of leveraging your human capital for success.


We offer personnel development expertise in the following areas:

In-house academy

Enabling us to continuously provide employees with knowledge and skills.

Employer attractiveness

Creating effective framework conditions and a positive working environment.

Talent management

Developing skills and increasing employee loyalty and performance.

Change management

Accompanying transformation processes with expert management.

Cultural development

Maintaining mutual trust and continuously improving the corporate culture.

Leadership development

Developing leadership skills and drivers of strategy implementation.